GLOBAL INTERMIX’s network consists of exceptionally screened, certified, and field tested Kinaray-a interpreters, translators, transcriptionists, and localization experts whose credentials have been thoroughly verified to provide the highest quality interpretation and translations, on time and within budget.

Kinaray-a interpreters and translators have been trained to accommodate language solutions in legal, financial, life sciences, manufacturing, retail, advertising, technology, and government.

  • Kinaray-a Simultaneous Interpretation

  • Kinaray-a Consecutive Interpretation

  • Kinaray-a Conference Interpretations

  • Kinaray-a On-site Interpretation

  • Kinaray-a Telephonic Interpretation

  • Kinaray-a Document Translations

  • Kinaray-a Transcription

  • Kinaray-a Subtitling

  • Kinaray-a Voiceovers

  • Kinaray-a Dubbing

  • Kinaray-a Quality Control

  • Kinaray-a Typesetting and Graphics

  • Kinaray-a App Localization

  • Kinaray-a Multicultural Marketing

  • Kinaray-a Website Localization

  • Kinaray-a Software Localization

  • Kinaray-a Staffing Solutions

  • Kinaray-a E-Learning Support


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