GLOBAL INTERMIX’s network consists of exceptionally screened, certified, and field tested Lao interpreters, translators, transcriptionists, and localization experts whose credentials have been thoroughly verified to provide the highest quality interpretation and translations, on time and within budget.

Lao interpreters and translators have been trained to accommodate language solutions in legal, financial, life sciences, manufacturing, retail, advertising, technology, and government.

  • Lao Simultaneous Interpretation

  • Lao Consecutive Interpretation

  • Lao Conference Interpretations

  • Lao On-site Interpretation

  • Lao Telephonic Interpretation

  • Lao Document Translations

  • Lao Transcription

  • Lao Subtitling

  • Lao Voiceovers

  • Lao Dubbing

  • Lao Quality Control

  • Lao Typesetting and Graphics

  • Lao App Localization

  • Lao Multicultural Marketing

  • Lao Website Localization

  • Lao Software Localization

  • Lao Staffing Solutions

  • Lao E-Learning Support


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